Bear Path Acres Animal Educational Center is conveniently located in Southampton County, Virginia, just 9 miles south of the City of Franklin. You will leisurely stroll along our walkways to enjoy the vast assortment of wonderful animals. Spend an hour or pack your lunch and spend the day! We will educate you on some very interesting facts about our wonderful assortment of animals. We would like for you to have respect and pride in all that Mother Nature has to offer. We will allow you to take a closer look at your agricultural roots, by providing a clean, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Come have a relaxing time at “Your Hometown Zoo”!

The Center also offers personal tours, educational shows and special rates for large groups.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create awareness, values, and understanding of animals
through education.


Bear Path Acres Animal Educational Center is a charitable and educational organization, whose purpose is to advance the interest in and educate the public on the importance of animals and the role they play in our everyday life. Bear Path Acres Animal Educational Center, a USDA Licensed Zoo, will educate the public to appreciate, care for, and understand our wildlife, farm animals, and exotics.


All animals will thrive in a clean, safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment always respected and care for by the humans whose share the same community.

Bear Path Acres



USDA Class C Licensed Zoo Exhibitor & Licensed State Wildlife Educator

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