Appealing Glass Panel Door Style


Glass panel door – Choosing the glass for the doors of our house can be a very suggestive way of decorating them: that of subtly showing what they are trying to hide, appeals more to our imagination than to reality itself. Which is, in any case, attractive to whoever is on the other side? If we bet on a door completely glass, we bet by multiplying the amount of light that will enter the room, as well as a stylish and light.

Now, this sensation increases or decreases depending on what other material we have combined with the glass, as well as the amount that has been reserved for him. In this sense, it is undeniable that this is a risky option, since the glass panel door would lose all that sense of the hidden, and the privacy that we usually associate. In any case, there are several ways to incorporate the glass to the design of our doors that do not necessarily translate into absolute transparency. From the most suggestive to the most daring,

Finally, we could not finish this book without first mentioning another of the great advantages of glass panel door: its ability to acoustically isolate spaces. This condition makes it an interesting alternative when we want to separate from the others, the room where more social life is done in the house, and therefore, where more noise is generated.


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