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August 12, 2019 Basement Lighting

Basement Recessed Lighting in Warm Look

Basement recessed lighting – Recessed lighting is installed right into the ceiling. Holes are drilled into the drywall for these lights as opposed to the installation of the lamp away from the ceiling, much like traditional light. Recessed lighting adds a warm look to the room and can be perfect for lighting certain areas such as a favorite painting or a plant. There are many types of recessed lighting choices you must make when installing lighting, including location, covers and light bulbs.

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Basement recessed lighting available in many designs. While some covers are hidden inside the ceiling, while others have a decorative border around the light. If you do not want guests to observe the lighting, avoid installing decorative covers. If instead, you want the light to show the identical decor elements as the rest of the room, choose covers that fit the design.

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Covers come in many different shades and materials. Pick an intricate gold recessed light covers to make a warm, rich design. For modern rooms, pick a silver light cover with a smooth, shining finish. Try to match your basement recessed lighting covers with other design elements in your room, including light-switch covers and lamps.

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