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August 19, 2019 Basement Bars

Build Basement Pull Up Bar

Bend back the pins so they wrap round bar, then bend hooks around the bar as closely as possible. If the pins aren’t tight enough to guarantee bar in place, wrap layers of duct tape onto the extra 3 inches of each end of the tube until there’s enough layers of duct tape to make sure that the pipe cannot slide from the pins. And also your basement pull up bar was done.

Marks on the beam is where you will hang hooks which can support basement pull up bar. Is equally important to provide your hands enough space to carry out your pull-ups. As an instance, if your grip, leaving a distance between your arms, then both marks on the support column for where to set your hooks. Screw hooks at the column rather than dimensions. Place bar or tube so the hook is supporting it. If you’re OK with the bar is mounted in place, you can stop here.

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Basement pull up bar – Locate an support beam or use a finder of the basement. Keep your arms ready for the traction you intend on doing your own pull-ups. Metal tubing or bar that you want to use should be an additional 12 inches compared to this dimension. Mark your clasp dimension from step 2 ads another 6 inches over the support beam from Step 1.

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