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February 9, 2019 Wood Panel

Cheap Wood Paneling Ideas

Cheap wood paneling – Traditional wood panel is a combination of decorative panels and molding extending halfway up a wall. From the 1300s, used Dutch wooden panels as a way to protect their plaster walls from damage caused by chairs, boot spurs and other risks. Once seen paneled dinning room decor choices. Today, wood panel to get visual interest to the bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and foyers. Panel molding can be used to create a three-dimensional faux wood paneling. The panel molding can be used to create simple rectangular frames or elaborate designs. Paint the panel forming the same color as the wall to create a seamless look.

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Instead of glue and nail the panels on the walls, try painting vertical stripes halfway up the wall. Pick colors that are a few shades apart and switch them. For more interest, make a color stripe twice as wide as the second color stripe for cheap wood paneling. This method can be used with or without a traditional chair rail which covers the joint meet the two halves of the wall. To eliminate the chair rail, paint a white or colored horizontal stripe to separate the wall.

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Cheap wood paneling is usually more expensive than regular hardwood panels. Using plywood or another hardwood paneling and stain or paint it. Glue and nail to the wall with the grain running vertically to hide the seams between the boards. Hardwood panels usually hidden under a finishing material, so it can take a lot of weeding through damaged or pitted boards before finding pleasant enough panels to finish a room.

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