Distressed Wood Paneling Wall in Attractive Decor


Distressed wood paneling – Below we show you how you can stay some stays of our house or apartment with some wall or front of wood. Usually we are accustomed to that in our homes the wood is in the furniture or in the parquet floors. However, on the walls can also be wonderful. The wooden walls add to the style of our house a distinctive touch, at the same time as they serve as a decorative element and act as an insulator, condensing the heat of the interior and not allowing it to escape (what comes to mind the typical House or mountain hotel with wooden walls?).

It is important not to recharge the living room by putting all the distressed wood paneling walls. Undoubtedly, a success is choosing one of them, a front or a side, depending on the room. As we see below, this wood with multicolored streaks can be well behind the TV, with minimalist furniture and white walls broken.

In the same way, sometimes, they can act as furniture on which shelves are hung with small decorative objects. Distressed wood paneling does not have to be in brown tones and we can choose colors like white and square panels if the style of our house is something more romantic.


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