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January 15, 2019 Panel Door

Easy Job Painting Wood Garage Door Panels

Wood Garage Door Panels – Painting a wooden garage door is a simple task. A bad job, however, will be embarrassingly obvious. Proper preparation before painting constitutes 99 percent of the work. Inadequate preparation can lead to surface insufficiency of the paint and, in extreme cases where the door is exposed to continuous water, dry rot. If your door has been painted previously, you should strip old peeled or blister the paint before applying a new coat.

Use exterior-grade latex paint on a new door or an old door with latex paint. The wood garage door panels, including any recessed or raised sand panel. If the garage door has been painted previously, using a plastic scraper and orbital sander to scrapes or sand bumps, ridges, peeling paint or blisters from old paints. Fill any holes, dents or holes with a composite vinyl base plaster and plastic putty knife. Leave to dry completely. Sand with sandpaper or orbital sander. Wash the door thoroughly with water and mild detergent as a cleaning pin.

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Rinse thoroughly and allow drying completely before continuing. Stir the paint into the can with the paint stirrer. Stir frequently throughout your painting project, every half hour or so. Paint the recessed or raised wood garage door panels with 1 inch and 2 inch brushes. Start at the top of the door and down the road. Thin layers of paint to prevent dripping. Several thin layers are better than few coarse layers.

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