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June 16, 2019 Wood Panel

Find Out Decorate with Adhesive Wood Paneling

Adhesive wood paneling – Did you know that decorating with adhesive vinyl is much simpler and cheaper than you imagine? With a little practice you will be able to renovate your home quickly and without needing to invest in a multitude of accessories, you only need a spatula and … to lining. Vinyl is a sheet of pvc or polyurethane that has been applied adhesive on one of its faces (which is protected with silicon paper). This adhesive is semi-permanent because it can be glued and detached, in fact one of most frequent doubts when it comes to placing vinyl on doors and furniture is if it can be removed without a trace, and answer is yes.

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furniture and closet doors are usually lined with opaque vinyl (matt or gloss), for glass and windows are used vinyl translucent and electrostatic , there are metallic vinyls for appliances and special vinyls such as vinyl slate and vileda effect to be able to write on them.

Do you dare to decorate with adhesive wood paneling vinyl? I can assure you that with a little practice you can get to make amazing transformations, there is so much variety of colors and models that you can have your house to last every year to blow of spatula.

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