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May 29, 2019 Wood Panel

Fresh Look Barn Wood Paneling

Barn wood paneling – effectively covers walls. If made of veneer, vinyl or wood sheets, coating conceals small defects and lends a warm wood look. When wood appears dated and dark or room needs a fresh look, resist temptation of strip outside siding. Wood cladding is difficult to remove, and removal usually damages plaster surfaces or a wall. If lining is in good shape, it provides a base to decorate changes with minimal effort.

Barn wood paneling cover with paint expands your decor options. Choose a suitable primer for wood siding, such as wood or vinyl panels and cover lining completely. Filler panel slots with putty are not necessary, as grooves give a dimensional appearance to painted wall. Apply a paint as a layer or a neutral color. Use painted wall as a canvas and decorate with a large mirror, groupings of pictures, art collections or an accent poster. Special paint effects like dotting, splashing or rolling rag add visual nuances to painted panels.

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Barn wood paneling with traditional or deco designs of stencil. Professional templates repeat as borders, hop scotch designs or effects in different colors. Home templates allow you to create patterns appropriate to your home decor or family interests. Another option, especially for a hobby or a children’s room, is to hang boards, dry erase boards or drawing paper on siding. These surfaces give creative opportunities for children and adults by leaving liner easy to clean in place.

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