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Glass Garage Door Panel for Pet

Garage door panel – If you have pets and want to install a pet door leading to your yard but your patio door is glass, do not let that stop you from giving your pet the freedom to come and go as they please. Pet doors can be installed inside the glass doors and wooden doors, with some variations in methods to accommodate more fragile material.

Spread drop cloths over a large table or work bench. Remove the glass door off its hinges using a screwdriver. If the door is a sliding glass door, pull it off the tracks. Add the garage door panel on the drapes. Unpack pet door from the package. Pull the two halves of the pet door apart. Set one side of the door on the glass in the position you want it to be installed, considering the height of your pet. Trace the outline with a marker to create a cutting template to follow.

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Put on the gloves. Soak the glass with a spray bottle, then use a glass cutter to score cutting template just drawn. Do this several times on a page until a noticeable gouge displayed in glass. Turn the glass door over and do the other side, after the transparent cutting template and chisel. Score more to cut through glass. You may need to turn the glass garage door panel more than once and repeatedly points until the glass comes off under slight pressure.

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