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December 8, 2018 Bedroom sets

Great Ideas Rustic Bedroom Set

If you are a fan of the rustic bedroom set style but do not want to overdo it. Because you do not stop living in a city apartment. Tday we have prepared some great ideas to give your bedroom a rustic touch. If you love the style of old rustic beds, a great option to cover your old canapé is to cover it with rustic wood panels. It is a great way to cover the bed without going over rustic. It may also work to place wooden boards that cover the entire profile around the bed.

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Wood is a key element in the rustic bedroom set style. In this case, the wall will be the protagonist of the bedroom. Recycled slats can achieve a rustic effect in a matter of minutes. If you are not able to hang the slats to the wall, look for a panel for the base and you can move it more easily. A sheet of a natural trunk can be the key to get a completely rustic bedside table.

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If you hang it from the ceiling with thick raffia strings, you will get the full look. There are 3 decorative elements that are key to give a rustic bedroom set touch to the bedroom. An old wooden trunk that you can use to store things, a classic style iron lamp and any old painted furniture with worn effect.

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