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June 9, 2019 Panel Door

How to adjust the 2 Panel Arch Top Interior Doors

2 panel arch top interior doors – If a door does not close properly and the problem appears to be with the hinge side rather than the hitch, you may be able to arrange it with some minor adjustments to the hinges. Sometimes the doors were not originally set correctly, or have varied over time, and now get stuck when you try to close them, or sink into the upright (the part of the door frame to which the hinges are screwed) . Depending on the situation, you may need to fit the hinges up, or lower them with a chisel.

You may need to change the position of the hinge further behind the stud so that the stud bolts can rotate. Or you may need to put some longer screws in the existing holes to better secure the door. Unscrew the frame hinge plates and remove the 2 panel arch top interior doors. With the chisel and hammer, remove a layer of wood inside the jagged area where the hinge was set.

Remove enough that the hinge plate is set at right angles to the indented area and is level with the surrounding wood. (Hold the door vertically so that you can see the hinges and judge how much you have to chisel.). Hang the door in its place again and try it. Thanks your visiting and reading our post 2 panel arch top interior doors.

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