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June 5, 2019 Wood Panel

How to Make a Wall Wood Paneling

Wall wood paneling – At the same time, the wood paneling norm in home construction. At least it would get a treatment of this dark wood with vertical seams. If your home still has some old wood paneling that sticks out like a sore thumb, you can make the panels look like plaster by following a simple technique.

Fill in all the seams of the panels with speckling compound using trowel. Fill in the seams of the paneling until the Spackle is no wall round at every seam. Allow it to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sand fairing compound with fine sandpaper. Grind it so that the cured filling compound is also with the rest of the wall wood paneling. Speckling compound will cover joint and make the panels look big picture and more like plaster. You may need to repeat step 1 and step 2 to correct any deficiencies.

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Pour primer paint pan. Use a high-quality stain killing primer to cover the wood paneling. Using paint roller, start painting the wall just as you want to paint a wall. As you paint, watch to see that the seams do not show through the paint. In this case, the seams either be filled more with speckling compound or sanded more to even with wall wood paneling. Repeat priming process with high quality interior latex paint to the wall looks like plaster. You will probably have to do two coats for best coverage.

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