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How to Make an Under Bed Drawer for Books

Under bed drawer – Extra storage is at a premium in apartments and houses where space is limited. If done properly, under-bed storage can keep your books or other belongings orderly simultaneously provides easy access, prevent clutter on furniture and countertops. For children, providing under-bed storage is also the added bonus of eliminating the space once occupied by the monster.

How to make an under bed drawer for books, use your tape measure to record the space between the bottom of your bed frame and floor. Measure the height of your old dresser drawers to ensure that they will fit in the space under your bed. Do not forget to count with enough space for your wheels. Turn one of your boxes over so the bottom is facing up. Place one of your small castors in the corner of your box frame and select two or three screw holes with your pencil. Use your drill to make pilot holes at each of the brands. Repeat the process on the remaining three corners of the box. If there is not enough space on the box frame corners to mount your wheel, consider using side-mounted wheels attached to the box frame walls instead.

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After that to make an under bed drawer for books, use your screwdriver and 3/4 inch screws to secure the caster to each corner of the box frame. Turn the box right side up and roll it into place under the bed. Fill the storage of books or other items and use the drawer handle to pull it in and out of its place under the bed. Build enough storage boxes that fit on both sides of the bed to maximize the capacity and convenience.

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