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December 8, 2018 Storage bed

How to Set Corner Twin Beds with Storage

Corner Twin Beds With Storage – The classic distribution of two beds placed in parallel was left in time. The main reason is the lack of space, or simply because of what occupies a bed. We want to dedicate to a playground or study area. In this post, you can see tricks to place two beds without losing space. The offer of solutions that can be found to put two beds in a room is wide. But, what is necessary to know so that the choice is functional and attractive?

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There is no doubt that if you intend to introduce corner twin beds with storage in a bedroom, the first thing that will condition is the space available. According to interior designer Paloma Angulo, size is not everything. “It is very important to design a space where everything has its place, everything will be much easier”. In these types of rooms, the location of the beds is essential.

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For Aragon├ęs, from ESM, you can choose “to put corner twin beds with storage at the same height, leaving between 75 and 90 centimeters of separation would be enough to facilitate the passage between both.” Folding beds on the wall are also an interesting resource. “They occupy little space in the background and are very useful, and there are even those that hide behind a library that, when night falls, turn the living room into a quiet bedroom.”

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