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May 19, 2019 Basement Wall Panels

Install the Plastic Basement Wall Panels

Attach furring strips to the wall with construction adhesive and masonry screws. Start with the floor and ceiling and attach them horizontally. Attach corner furring strips vertically. Place the two strips in each corner, one attached to plastic basement wall panels. Measure 16 inches from the first corner strip with a tape measure and mark a line with a chalk line. Repeat this step across the entire room. Put a formwork strip down the middle of each chalk line.

Measure the precise distance between each of the furring strips, and cutting the foam board to size using a utility knife. Place foam board between each of furring strips, and attach to the wall with construction adhesive. Use a staple gun, attach furring strips plastic film. Cover entire wall with plastic. Apply a strip of adhesive along the furring strip. Do not add the adhesive until you are all set to set the plastic basement wall panels. It only takes about 10 minutes for the glue to set. Work quickly when you’re ready. Using a hammer, insert four more nails in the bottom of the plywood.

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Plastic basement wall panels – If you have a basement that is not done, why not finish it with paneling? Add panels on the basement walls will make decorating area simpler. It will also add another level to your house, and open up many possibilities for how to use the space. You could turn the basement into a family room, a games room, extra bedroom, or even an apartment for that child who believes he is prepared to move.

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