Bed Frame With Drawers Queen Size

Smart Queen Size Bed Frame with Drawers

February 8, 2019 King Bed Drawer

King Beds with Storage Drawers Underneath Design

King beds with storage drawers underneath – Many people want their bedrooms come with extra storage to free up some of their closet space. The biggest waste of space in a bedroom is the area under the bed. Many people do not use this space, or if they do, the items are not easy to reach. To remedy this problem, consider building a platform bed with movable storage shelves that roll out from under it.

Place the two 54-inch pieces of two and 10 on a flat surface with 2-inch side down. Create a rectangular frame by placing the 63-inch pieces of two and four of the two-for-10s, with their 2-inch sides down. Screw the frame together with wood screws and drill. Place two screws in a vertical line in each corner of the frame. Run them through the two-for-10 in two-by-four. This is the frame of the king beds with storage drawers underneath.

King beds with storage drawers underneath, turn the frame over so it rests on the other edges of two and 10. The two-by-four should now be in the top of the frame. Measure 35 1/2 inches along one of the 2 x 4 bits to find the center of the frame and make a selection. Place the piece of 4 foot 2 inches 2 x 10 within the framework of this brand as 2-inch side is on the ground to create a cross-beam. Screw this piece to the frame by driving two screws in a vertical line on both sides by 2 x 4th.

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