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September 6, 2019 Panel Ideas

Make a Simple Wood Panel Headboard

Wood panel headboard – Headboard can be expensive. You may still want the aesthetic appeal of a wood panel headboard; however, you may not want to shell out the fee. Have no fear; you can create your own wood headboard. It will require some woodworking skills. But it is within the capabilities of most do-it-yourself. So, decorate your bedroom with wood headboard to fit your personality and style.

To make a simple wood panel headboard, starting with measure the width of your bed frame with a tape measure. Create the same dimensions by cutting wooden planks with a crosscut saw. Unscrew these boards in positions with wood screws and a drill. Adjust planks with posts, so their edges match up. Next, unscrew the banister knobs in the post’s top.

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If no hole exists in the post, drill at about an inch deep and put a dowel piece in bud. Turn the knob in the position. Place the headboard of the bed frame. Note where you will put mounting bolts. They should be located close to the center of each item. And the last, set screws in the location you noted earlier. Screw them tightly with the drill. Make sure the wood panel headboard not wobble.

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