Modern Wood Wall Paneling Design


Modern wood wall paneling – Panels are one of the most common wood wall cladding options. Available in a wide range of types and styles, you can buy wood panels in sheets and sizes similar to plasterboard or in tongue and note styles. If a whole wall of wood does not fit your taste, create streaks on your wall, using trusses or install panels cover only half to three quarters of the walls to create a classic look. For a unique look, paint wood a bold color, like red, and place wood on only one wall to make an accent wall.

If you have time to install it, your walls will turn green using regenerated timber to cover them. Available from a wide range of dealers, regenerated or recycled timber, as it is sometimes called, is taken from old buildings that leave, and turned into modern wood wall paneling and floors. A variety of woods, such as aged walnut and oak, are available in a variety of colors. At many retailers you can even choose the weight of the grain in the board.

If you are looking for a simple and cheap option to get a modern wood wall paneling, try the wood veneer. It is used with an adhesive similar to the wallpaper. Unlike hardwood products, the wooden veneer can bend to cover arched and difficult to reach places. Apply it over a single wall or cut veneer in a unique shape before applying for a creative look.


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