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Perfect Painting Wood Paneling Before and After Photos

Painting wood paneling before and after photos – Sometimes wood paneling in your home are old and in poor shape or it is simply outdated and does not fit your style. Rather than remove it, paint over it. You can change entire feel and tone of room. However, painting panels are not same as painting a plain wall. There are a variety of options to keep in mind when doing this.

For large parts of painting wood paneling before and after photos, use a paint roller, much as you would use on a large wall. Be sure to use a thin-napped roller, which is less likely to be weighed down with paint when you roll it through paint tray. As wood paneling is often softer than most walls, a weighed-down roller does not roll against surface effectively, but rather slide down panels, which filed original paint job uneven.

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For small areas of painting wood paneling before and after photos, use a brush that has heavier brushes that will make it possible to hold a lot of paint. Try to spread paint smoothly and as smoothly as possible in this tiny wood-paneled section, using full, complete brush strokes. Over a large area, is a brush careful tool to use, and it’s hard to get paint to see yet. However, brushes are good for touch-up work with wood panels that have been painted already, since bristles can get into ridges or cracks that other tools can not miss.

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