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Popular Rustic Wood Paneling Wall

Rustic wood paneling – Daily use of wood paneling can be traced back to England in the late 16th century. The damp English countryside was beautiful, but prone to home with cold, damp walls. Homeowners began installing wooden boards to the lower part of the walls, resulting in drier, warmer air. When the panels themselves began to rot, they could easily be replaced with new panels. Panels are still popular in the home, although for different reasons. Panels add richness and warmth to the walls and helps set the mood of a room. There are styles designed to accent any architectural forms.

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Minimalist modern equal when it comes to wall rustic wood paneling. The 20th century modern movement produced minimalist, almost flush plane that creates the illusion of one continuous surface. Varying grain orientation produces characteristic geometric patterns. Modern panels are suitable for gathering spaces such as meeting rooms and lobbies. It is perfect for homeowners who want the warmth of wood, but with a modern feel.

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Rustic wood paneling can be traced back to the English Arts and Crafts Movement. Since the 20th century was born, Americans were attracted to the idea of simple, handmade panels to supplement their Prairie, Mission and Shingle Style home. Rustic wood panel used in homes, cabins and inns.

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