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June 12, 2019 Wood Panel

Redecorating Wood Paneling Walls

Wood paneling walls – In many older homes dated wood paneling creates a dark, cave-like feeling. When you want to make your home, investigates ways in which you can cover panels without going to the trouble and expense of removing panels. Choose a setting that suits your skills and budget, and work carefully to avoid a sloppy end result.

Turn a dark panels room in one with a rustic, whitewashed look by painting the wood paneling walls. First wash the walls thoroughly to remove dirt and cleaning wax that has accumulated over the years. Prime them with one or two oil-based primer layer which will help the paint to the wall, instead of rolling off on the surface of the panels. Depending on the type of panels in your home, you may need to experiment with different brands of primer to find one that works with your walls. Once the walls are ready, cover them with a single layer of white paint and let it dry completely.

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If you want . to give your walls a seamless appearance, filling grooves and paint the walls. Ask the Builder website recommends that you prime the panels first to account for the difference in texture and porosity between panels and spackle. Ask at a home supply store for a primer that is appropriate. When the wall has dried completely, use spackling compound to fill in the grooves between the panels, making sure to scrape the surface to make it level. When the spackle is dry, you can paint the wood paneling walls.

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