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May 14, 2019 Basement Paint

Several Tips to Apply Basement Wall Paint

Basement wall paint – Painting your basement walls not only serves to enhance your look, but can safeguard your home. Basement walls are made of cement that was porous, so moisture make mold grow and can build up there. This can lead to damage to the structure. Use these tips to paint your basement walls.

Prepare the walls of before basement wall paint them. Remove the paint from the walls. Fill cracks and holes in the cement. Removes mold stains. Pour two tsp of lye into a liter of warm water. Use a commercial mildew remover, which you can get in a home store, wherever you buy the paint. Clean the walls.   Remove with a broom. Clean the walls with a preparer, a product that serves to harden the surface.

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TSP is an alkaline cleaner. You can get it in any store for the home. Follow the instructions. Masonry professionals who specialize in cleaning basement walls use toxic products, such as muriatic acid. Do not try to use this product yourself. Even the smallest contact can cause severe burns and blindness.

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