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January 9, 2019 Wood Panel

Standing Outdoor Wood Paneling

Outdoor wood paneling – The standing wood panel is sensitive to moisture damage because a large proportion of downward-facing end wood is exposed to rain. That the standing panel dominates should be linked to current production technology as well as cultural and historical reasons. A standing panel is much easier to perform with current element building methods.

Lock panel was the most common vertical panel in Sweden until the 1970s when the lid panel became common even in residential buildings. The latch outdoor wood paneling, which is nailed to a horizontal fence, nails, requires aeration even in vertical direction. Previously, it has been considered that the slots between the panel boards account for this aeration. In recent times, the nail funnel has been removed from the body by inserting aeration. It has the advantage that water that penetrates behind the lamb can not stand on the nail and penetrate into the wall. An alternative is to design the top of the nail face sloping toward the panel.

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Outdoor wood paneling an unusual, but nevertheless interesting, variant of the cure panel is the reverse cure panel. The bottom board is given the same dimensions as the lid but is mounted here against the nail. The lid consists of a board with a dimension like a regular panel board. In the same way as shown for the lid panel (carpentry panel), vertical venting of the gap behind the lid boards is done.

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