Stylish Recessed Panel Cabinet Door


Recessed panel cabinet door – Cut glass cabinet doors consisting of a standard wooden frame with assorted clear glass panels. Metal ensures glass panels for a “stained glass” style and wood ensures them a “farmhouse” style. Use rich maple cabinets with metal -sikret, diamond and square glass panels for an elegant style. Combine glossy black cabinets with square glass panels secured in a grid pattern with black wood to a contemporary style.

Add architectural detail to a boring room with an inset wall recessed panel cabinet door that looks like front half of a decorative column. half-column shape projecting from a flat wall area, from floor to ceiling, and has no visible handle. Column pulls open like a door to reveal a closet shelf that slides out of wall. Use a plain faux mahogany slit on each side of your refrigerator for a royal touch or a round faux stone column on each page of your shower for a classic touch.

Stained glass cabinets traditionally consists of a rectangular, timber door frame with a stained glass recessed panel cabinet door in center. Even fancy patterns are most popular; stained glass comes in many different styles. Combine a black door frame and a panel of medium, alternating, square pieces of clear and red glass for a kitchen cabinet with a minimalist style. Try a turquoise door frame with an elaborate peacock and floral design for a bathroom cabinet with a bold style.


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