Two Panel Doors in Modern and Clean Look Color


Two panel doors -it can take many different looks, depending on their size and location in your home. Whether appearance of your panel doors, you can paint them any color. key is to make sure color matches or complements look of room. White is a safe color to paint a panel door, no matter where it is located in your home. White is suitable for both interior and exterior doors and is ideal if your home is decorated with bright colors and has a modern, clean look. You can choose to paint door in either pure white or off-white shade, depending on look you want to achieve.

Paint two panel doors black is suitable for a variety of styles. Although a dark front door may not seem inviting, paint door black, use vivid accents to decorate door or area around it. For example, a flower arrangement hanging on door brings life and color to area. If you paint door black, consider equipping it with shiny or brushed steel handles and hinges.

Paint a blue two panel doors gives you many different color options. You do not necessarily have to choose a primary blue hue. Visit a paint store to see different shades of common color. A livid mixture results in a faded blue color, with addition of a piece of red gives door a burgundy or purple hue. A blue door matches well to blue ice on outside of your home.


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