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January 22, 2019 Wood Panel

Warmth Wood Interior Wall Paneling

Wood interior wall paneling – from wood to stone wall panels transforms a room by giving it texture and warmth. Panels are made with both natural materials and synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are typically converted to mimic natural materials. Choose one type of panels for your home that suits your home decor, architecture and your own style. Tile board is stamped to give the appearance of tiles. It is waterproof panels made of tempered plate and are often used in areas that receive a lot of moisture.

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Beadboard is a wood interior wall paneling that mimics the tongue and groove quality of wainscoting. Penetrating a room with antique charm, installed beadboard typically just on the lower part of the wall, topped with a cap rail that resembles crown molding. Beadboard is also sometimes used on ceilings. It can be finished clear, stained or painted.

Named because of its Thinness are sheet panels a veneer that typically gives the appearance of wood interior wall paneling. It is sold in large, 4 by 8 foot sheets, which helps to speed up the installation process, as much area is covered quickly. Although not as common, bamboo and vinyl sheet panels also available. Vinyl sheet panels are a suitable choice for damp areas and are not covered by rotting like wood sheet panels.

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